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ClubConcern is an affordable website provider;
specialising in outstanding websites for
CLUBS and NON-PROFIT organisations.

When you surf the internet you will discover that the majority of clubs either do not have a website or make do with an unsatisfactory page or two trying to establish a web presence and promote their club; charming new members and sponsors.

We understand what it’s like to build a website on a shoestring.  We know what it’s like to want a web presence but must make do with a free page or two with your broadband supplier, or worse still - with a broadband supplier of a “techie” club member!  Many clubs have experience of an ill-considered website that is not kept up to date after a couple of years because the “techie” club member lost interest and left...
Why do clubs go down this route?  Why don’t they choose the professional direction?
Well, we were not really surprised to observe what website providers were charging to design a website; the sort of price that clubs simply can’t afford!  Only a lucky few have the resources to take advantage of the services of a professional web designer.
A sorry state of affairs...
…but perfectly understandable; website design does not come cheap – it is business and businesses must make money to endure.