We'll save you an arm and a leg... Promise!

ClubConcern is an affordable website provider;
specialising in outstanding websites for
CLUBS and NON-PROFIT organisations.

We looked into the situation and decided that there is no reason why clubs and non-profit organisations should be milked beyond their means.
We created ClubConcern, an initiative based on simplicity and affordability; it must be simple to set up and maintain, but at the same time look and perform like any other so-called ‘professional’ website!
Hence our motto: ‘We’ll save you an arm and a leg… PROMISE!’
We genuinely want to demonstrate to you that ANYONE can afford a professionally built website.  Being on a tight budget does not mean you have to forfeit satisfying web presence! Your club, informal association or society, and any non-profit organisation CAN afford a noteworthy website.
This bears repeating - we are talking about a PROFESSIONAL website, in the sense that it addresses all your reasonable online needs, not only a STATIC page you cannot access or change to your heart’s desire.
In our opinion, the internet (World Wide Web or Web for short) is mainly used to convey information. Yes, that’s right; to tell others about your organisation, business, activities, problems, advice, advertising, promotion – in short, INFORMATION you want others to know about and, if you do it correctly, stand to GAIN substantial reward from.
The internet offers you this opportunity. It is a tool you could use to attract interest in your affairs, whether it is a club or any other enterprise.