We'll save you an arm and a leg... Promise!

ClubConcern is an affordable website provider;
specialising in outstanding websites for
CLUBS and NON-PROFIT organisations.

We offer you a professionally built website, not one of those static sites that in many cases take a lot of effort and money to maintain. 
We offer you the opportunity to maintain the content of your website; you will be able to post your own information using tools provided by us. (This type of website is called CMS, which stands for: Content Management System).
That's right; you will NOT require an ‘outsider’ webmaster or technical IT person to update your website for you; YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF!  
Watch this video; it will give you an insight in what is involved;
(watch in full screen for a better video experience):
Yes, you will have full control over your website’s content - it's easy and fun - with a little guidance from us.  No need to worry that you won’t be able to do it.  We guide and support you all the way!
If this sounds too daunting though, we also offer to maintain the content of your website for you.