We'll save you an arm and a leg... Promise!

ClubConcern is an affordable website provider;
specialising in outstanding websites for
CLUBS and NON-PROFIT organisations.

The basis of our packages and pricing lies in the number of pages that makes up your website. To keep things relatively simple our packages are defined in multiples of 5 pages. 


The quoted prices are annual prices for which you will be invoiced in March of every year.  You pay for a year in advance, April through to March of the following year; read more about this in the General Terms section of the Our Agreement page...


Annual Hosting packages:
Websites containing...
  One - Ten pages (1 - 10) 1 £80 £120
  Eleven - Fifteen pages (11 - 15)
  Sixteen - Twenty pages (16 - 20) 3 £100 £140
  Twenty one - Twenty five pages (21 - 25) 4 £110 £150
  Twenty six - Thirty pages (26 - 30) 5 £120 £160
  Thirty one - Thirty five pages (31 - 35) 6 £130 £170
  Thirty six - Fourty pages (36 - 40) 7 £140 £180


Self Managed means you maintain the article content of the website.

Fully Serviced means we maintain the article content of the website on your behalf.


Our lowest price is £80; for a smaller website with no more than 10 pages, not counting the pages we refer to as "enabler" pages, which are free (you do not pay for them). We refer to these page-types as "enabler" pages because they are needed to "enable" you to maintain the content of the website.


Here are some examples of "enabler" pages:

  User Profile page Free
  Create an Article page Free
  Media and File Manager page Free
  Practice Article page Free
  Login page Free
  ... there may be others...   



Included services and tools for all above packages...
  Initial website design Free
  WYSIWYG Editor Free
  Slide show module(s) Free
  Gallery and Album module Free
  News Ticker Display module Free
  Last Updated module Free
  Password protection for content Free
  Member Login form module Free
  Contact Us form module Free
  Latest News module Free
  Domain name administration (1) Free
  Sub-domain name (2) Free
  Website header and logo design Free
  Front-end and back-end access to maintain content Free
  Tutoring to maintain website content Free
  Initial content inserted while you still learn the ropes Free
  ... and more  


  • (1) We renew the domain name on your behalf and invoice you later; we do not charge an admin fee for this service ...
  • (2) We provide you with a free sub-domain name, if you do not have a domain name, e.g. (Although, we highly recommended you purchase a domain name, its affordable...)
Website Maintenance and Protection - also included...
  CMS Upgrades (circa 9 / year) - we use the Joomla! platform Free
  Extension Upgrades - 3rd party software (free versions) Free
  Register w. Google search engine Free
  Weekly backups - to safeguard website content... Free
We can’t do it all for free, unfortunately, but for a truly affordable price, you may be up and running with your very own website in no time. Best of all, you do not pay anything until your website is up and running to your satisfaction.
Other Services we have on offer ...
  Current website re-design (significant change to current look, feel, and functionality) - one off fee    £ 100
  Hosting only - no website... (do your own thing...)    £ 80 / year
  Website design, using Joomla! (on your own hosting) - one off fee    £ 400

  Basic Joomla tutoring (video conferencing) (1st hour free with hosting)

   £ 20 / hour
  cPanel basics (video conferencing) (1st hour free with hosting)    £ 20 / hour 
Before you make your final decision please read the terms and conditions on the Our Agreement page.
When you are ready, go to our Contact Us page and give us a description of your website requirements.