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ClubConcern is an affordable website provider;
specialising in outstanding websites for
CLUBS and NON-PROFIT organisations.

These are the terms, conditions, limitations and service agreement between ClubConcern and its clients.

General terms:

  1. ClubConcern will deliver a website to acceptable standards mutually agreed to before any payment will be expected - no setup fees to be paid.
  2. No contract needs to be entered into – you withdraw your business whenever you want – no questions asked.
  3. You will be issued an invoice with the annual amount for your package to be paid directly into a bank account or by cheque when the website “goes live”. Thereafter an invoice will be issued annually (during the month of March) to renew the website agreement.
  4. If the agreement is terminated by the client before the end of the annual term, a pro rata refund will be made by ClubConcern.
  5. ClubConcern will assist and train you for up to a whole year to enable you to maintain your own content (Self-Managed Content client). Training is normally provided through email support or could be done telephonically or via internet video conferencing software. Other means will be employed if necessary.
  6. You may change from the Self-Managed Content package to the Fully Serviced package at any time – you will be required to pay an additional fee calculated pro-rata to the end of the current annual invoice term.
  7. You may change from the Fully Serviced package to the Self-Managed Content package only at the annual renewal date; you will not be refunded if the decision is implemented before the end of the current annual invoice term.
  8. The price you pay for your website is based on the number of pages in the website. If you add more pages to your website, resulting in a change to a higher priced 'package', you will be charged a pro-rata cost from the date of change to the end of the current term (March, following year). This pro-rata cost will be shown separately on the next invoice.
  9. The annual term runs from 1 April to 31 March each year.
  10. Free on-going email support.
Domain name terms:
  1. ClubConcern do not own domain names. Domain names are owned and paid for by clients.
  2. Domain names are regulated by a registrar. If you are unfamiliar with domain names read about it here: .
  3. A domain name is currently arround £8.00 (inclusive of VAT) for a 1 year period; .com domains are more expensive – visit for current prices. Domain name prices tend to increase from time to time. Domain name prices are unregulated; it is not possible to predict what will be charged in the future - watch this space, but don't hold your breath...
  4. ClubConcern will arrange for a domain name on behalf of a client, pay for it and claim the fee back on top of the normal invoice amount.
  5. ClubConcern will administer client’s domain names for free as part of the service, but it is recommended that clients take charge of their domain names and control it internally.
  6. ClubConcern uses to register domain names with. We have no affiliation with In the past we used but they became too expensive. ClubConcern may change the domain name registrar at any time without consulting it's clients. Of course this will only be done for the benefit of the clients.


Service Level Agreement – ClubConcern’s responsibilities:
  1. Website data is (or should I say "are") backed up automatically twice a week.
  2. Email enquiries and support requests are responded to within 48 hours.
  3. Content will be posted to a “Fully Serviced” package website within 48 hours.
  4. ClubConcern will provide a full backup of all website content within a month at the unlikely event that a client decides to move his business elsewhere – this will be done using tools provided by Joomla! (Open source CMS that is used to create our websites).
  5. ClubConcern will give at least 3 months’ notice if prices for your package and services are to increase. Increases will only be implemented at the beginning of a renewal period. ClubConcern promise that they will only justifiably increase prices to ensure that their services are sustainable.  We have no control over domain name price increases - these are excluded from the above ruling.  


Service Level Agreement – All Clients’ responsibilities:
  1. Clients agree to maintain their website content on a regular basis; neglected sites negate ClubConcern’s ideals and professional image. 
  2. Clients must not knowingly post content that are subject to copy right.
  3. Clients must not knowingly post content that are offensive – common sense must prevail.
  4. Clients agree that a responsible person with “publisher” rights will scan all content before publication. ClubConcern reserve the right to intervene if content is deemed questionable.
  5. ClubConcern must have access to at least 2 contacts, ideally the Secretary and the Treasurer or similar stature, in the client’s management team.


Additional responsibilities for Fully-Serviced Client’s:
  1. Clients agree to submit content to be posted on the website in electronic format - Word documents (.doc or .docx), Excel spread sheets (.xls or .xlsx), Notepad (.txt) and image/picture formats (.jpg, .png, jpeg, .tif or .bmp).
  2. Content may be sent in an email body text as well, no need to attach documents.
  3. Open Source formats may also be acceptable; please check with ClubConcern first.
  4. Clients agree to restrict the number of updates ClubConcern is expected to do to a reasonable 2 to 3 pages per week. This could be in the form of news items, articles, announcements, photos, or a combination of any of these. This is not a hard and fast rule; we are flexible but there are limits to what we can do. (Not publishing anything for a week or two, does not mean you could accumulate content and publish more items in a subsequent week.)
This is it basically – we do not want to complicate things and make it hard for you to comprehend (we know you have better things to do…), but if any questions or concerns spring to mind, please contact us.
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